OKCAP Prepares for Full Legalization of Marijuana Initiative Petition – 2016 Ballot. Oklahoma !

Credit:  US NEWS /Steven Nelson - editor:

Credit: US NEWS /Steven Nelson – editor: “State Sen. Connie Johnson’s plan for Oklahoma to legalize marijuana and grow it for other states probably won’t be presented to voters in November.”

Reality –> Marijuana legalization initiative of any kind, will NOT make it on Oklahoma 2014 ballot. We did not file nor author either of the initiatives for the medical or comprehensive (SQ773 & SQ766); but We are CURRENTLY writing a new initiative petition for FULL LEGALIZATION of marijuana for 2016 ballot. No political candidate will be involved in the filing or preparation of this next petition that we are writing. As the article in US News mentions, we will eliminate the mandatory set amount for cash-on-hand required for potential business owners in the marijuana industry.  Read more in US News article ……

As this new petition develops, we will post updates.

— Oklahoma Coalition Against Prohibition (OKCAP)

50K-100K Startup $ for Oklahoma Marijuana Dispensary TOO HIGH. Will remedy on 2016 Rec Petition.

$50K – $100K proposed Startup cost to get into the Oklahoma Marijuana Dispensary business is TOO HIGH says full legalization supporter outside the Oklahoma state capitol. He wants changes to full legalization petition to lower the startup cap to 20K-30K so that the common person can have access to business opportunities in marijuana industry when it becomes legal.. Supporter was 1 of many who rallied at state capitol on August 15, 2014 as petition signatures for medical marijuana were filed with low expectations of making it on the 2014 ballot. Supporter was hopeful that full legalization would pass, but he felt getting medical marijuana passed in 2014 would make it easier for the full recreational. Supporter is helping to write the new full legalization petition for 2016. But we plan to have it worked out in 2015 as we prepare for filing in 2016.

75,384 petition signatures for med marijuana, heads to Oklahoma Supreme Court (according to official)

After 37 boxes of medical marijuana petition signatures were filed Fri. Aug 15, 2014 by Oklahomans for Health, w/the Oklahoma Secretary of State, some misstatements about the process were corrected, as well as information given by an official to be misleading.

1 of the appointed observers misunderstood the role of the Secretary of State (SOS) in the signature counting process. SOS official overhearing the misstatements, corrected it with explanations as to what SOS does and does not do; and the official went on to explain the role of the courts in this matter.

SOS official explained that after the counting of signatures, they will send the results of the count to the Supreme Court who will declare if the signature count was a sufficient number or insufficient. SOS official also said that if its insufficient, then that’s where it stops.  Official added that if its declared a sufficient number, then thats where if someone wants to protest it; and then they can file a protest.

Reportedly, on Thurs Aug 21, 2014, SOS finished counting only 75,384 signatures for medical marijuana petition (sq768). Based on what SOS official said in this video, the signatures should be enroute to the Supreme Court to declare the sufficiency or insufficiency of SOS signature count.

Eventhough the SOS official was correct on most of what she explained, based on our understanding of the statute.  However we believe the official was misleading or inaccurate on 1 statement she made as follows:  “if its insufficient, then OBVIOUSLY that’s where it stops”.  What cause us to question the official’s statement was when she indicated protester against sufficiency has more rights than protester against insufficiency.  Therefore we feel that the statement misleads a protester against insufficiency to believe that he or she would be denied equal rights and equal protection.  The following is what 34 O.S. § 8.H. says about those rights that includes protesting insufficiency.

Upon order of the Supreme Court it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to forthwith cause to be published, in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the state, a notice of the filing of the signed petitions and the apparent sufficiency or insufficiency thereof and notice that any citizen or citizens of the state may file an objection to the count made by the Secretary of State, by a written notice to the Supreme Court and to the proponent or proponents filing the petition. Any such objection must be filed within ten (10) days after publication and must relate only to the validity or number of the signatures. A copy of the objection to the count shall be filed with the Secretary of State, and notice shall also be given to the Secretary of State.

This video was recorded at the office of Secretary of State in Oklahoma City, OK on 8-15-2014 by Arlene Barnum – OKCAP.


The following is list of reasons that secretary of state would disallow in the physical count, according to state statute:

34 O.S. § 6.1.APhysical Count of Number of Signatures on Petitions – Notification of Violations

A. The Secretary of State shall make or cause to be made a physical count of the number of signatures on the petitions. In making such count, the Secretary of State shall not include in such physical count:
1. All signatures on any sheet of any petition which is not verified by the person who circulated the sheet of the petition as provided in Section 6 of this title;
2. All signatures of nonresidents;
3. All signatures on a sheet that is not attached to a copy of the petition;
4. All multiple signatures on any printed signature line;
5. All signatures not on a printed signature line;
6. Those signatures by a person who signs with any name other than his own or signs more than once; and
7. All signatures on any sheet on which a notary has failed to sign, the seal of the notary is absent, the commission of the notary has expired or the expiration date is not on the signature sheet.



Oklahoma Voters say filing of medical marijuana Petition signatures expires 90 days from May 21, 2014. What date is that?


There seems to be some confusion as to when does the time of filing of the petition expires. The proponent of this petition turned in the signatures on August 15, 2014 at 4:20pm and therefore no more petition signatures for the medical marijuana initiative can be turned in for filing after that date and time.

However, the initiative petition (SQ768) that was personally signed by the legal voters of Oklahoma stated therein that the filing of this petition expires 90 days from May 21, 2014. Therefore, based on this signed petition, 90 days from May 21, 2014 is ____________ ?

Marijuana activist educates Oklahoma Sec of State about “420”

Oklahoma Secretary of State Chris Benge was curious about the meaning of “420”; and he receives education of its meaning from marijuana activist Jordan Stick . What prompted Benge’s curiosity about what “420” meant was that he observed marijuana supporters began to rally when it was announced that the time stamped on receipt for the filing of marijuana initiative petition signatures was 4:20pm.

Video recorded by Arlene Barnum – OKCAP, on August 15, 2014 at 4:20pm at Oklahoma Secretary of State office, in Oklahoma City, OK.

Marijuana petition SIGNATURES goes thru Security at Oklahoma State Capitol

Friday – Aug 14, 2014: Shortly before 4:20pm, boxed medical marijuana petition signatures goes through Oklahoma State Capitol Security. Destination: Secretary of State for filing to determine if there’s enough to get on November 2014 ballot.

Video recorded on Aug. 15, 2014 by Arlene Barnum – OKCAP, at Oklahoma State Capitol, 2300 North Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK.

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